The publishing house “The turning wheel” is my own.


The name and the logo, with a time wheel, derive from the fragment of me that is Romani. The Romani flag has a wheel in its midst, symbolising movement and progress. The reason for me having an own publishing house is a wish to reach an audience as soon as possible. To let the creative process move on….


My name is Stefan Paul and I am a lad of 60 years.
I am a professed seeker, and as such not attracted by conventional rules or models.
I want to walk on untrodden tracks and to let my thoughts glide freely like an eagle over the surroundings.
I don’t identify myself with any groups, neither religiously nor politically. And I don’t consider myself proud of or identify myself with the country I belong to, Sweden. But, I do feel a great gratitude for the advantage of having been born in there. So, what do you I want to be identified with? Humanity that never stops believing in Love and that manifests itself through solidarity, distribution of resources, Empathy and Humanism.

It is my absolute conviction that in every individual lives an artist, i.e. a uniqueness that is creating and expressive.
These are qualities that make Man ingenuous. This ingenuousness is a condition for burgeons to bloom in their fullest grandeur!